Don't worry, all the lectures are in English.
It is not a fixed schedule. We will try our best to meet your schedule.

No need to worry at all! The curriculum is fixed for unexperienced students. We will teach from the very first step. However, the short term intensive course will run fast, so we recommend professional course for beginners.

Not at all. It is not your age that counts. What counts is your enthusiasm.
If you are an experienced cook or already know how to make ramen, we recomend A・B courses. For short term intensive course, early graduation is possible depending on the acquisition of the technique. There is a reason for the period of the course. In a short period, it is obvious that acquistion of the technique will be unsatisfactory. From our experience, when a person with unsatisfactory skill starts a business and when he hires an experienced cook, the vertical relationship between the owner and the employee will be difficult due to your lack of knowledge and technique. Therefore, we fixed a shortest possible curriculum in order to completely acquire the technique and knowledge necessary in ramen business.
We strongly recommend to start a business with low cost. The only equipments you need are cylindrical pot, cooking stove, knife, and cutting board. Too much investment may just lead to unsatisfactory business. If you have the skill we give, you can make the best ramen with low cost. If necessary, we can introduce you to the equipment providers.
Actually, there are people who works at a ramen restuarant before starting your own business. However, it is quite difficult to train for many years. Our program is made to achieve the level to start your own business. It includes training at an actual restuarant in Yokohama.
We accept any inquiries and will support at any point, even after you have started your own business. We will give fulll support with information, experience and knowledge we have. However, we cannot guarantee your sales. This is upto you and is your responsibility.
Certification is given to students who have completed the Practical Course.
We make noodles almost everyday, both by hand and by machine.
Certainly, we teach how to make toppings as well as popular sub-dishes such as dumplings.
We have our individual dishes such as Ramen Burger and the powerful Fire Ramen. You can also learn how to make these dishes.
Don't worry, we will teach you the clear soup used in the very successful ramen restaurant we own.

The program is for people just like you. We will assist you until you start a ramen restaurant. Among the graduates, there are many who started their own ramen restaurant and are doing very good business.

Unfortunately, we do not have accomodations at this point. However, we are considering accomodations for men only.


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A Tonkotsu Ramen Restaurant located just 5 minutes on foot from Yokohama Station. Necessary operations such as serving, cooking, and food presentation can be acquired through the training course at Tsuruichiya.

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Address: 1-7-34 Tsuruya-cho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama city, Kanagawa 221-0835
Access: 5 min walk from Northwest exit, Yokohama sta
Phone: +8145-534-6849


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