We will respond to every need from soup making to store management.

Learn Ramen at a Real Ramen Restaurant.
The very first words we hear from the students are,
"Are you sure we will be able to make such a delicious soup?"

If You Wish To Study In Japan After Studying The Web-Course, The Web-Course Fee Will Be Discounted.

It is not just how to make ramen.

It is often said, "what I have struggled With the most after opening my Ramen shop is serving it everyday, Consistently with the same taste, in the Best way." For success in the highly competitive Ramen industry, it is required that your Ramen is always at its best. RamenSchool.com delivers all the skills and techniques in practical lessons held at a real restaurant in Yokohama. you Will make Ramen Everyday, ensuring That you'll become fully confident in cooking the best Ramen before you open your own shop.

We teach in English.

The instructor, who operates his own ramen restaurant, will give the lectures in English. Nothing will be lost in translation, which could occur when hiring an interpretor who likely does not have experience in the ramen business.

Don't hesitate to ask any questions at any time, even after the course.

There is no need to hire an interpretor.

I wanted to help people who want to OPEN a Ramen Restaurant at a low cost So I Designed a web course.

Web course created by the well-known Tonkotsu Ramen Restaurant, Tsuruichiya.

If you wish to study in Japan after studying the web-course, the web-course fee will be discounted.
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You can start immediately.

I will teach you how to control the taste of ramen.

You Will learn the necessary skills to make tonkotsu ramen and establish a ramen restaurant

I will assist you with substituting ingredients in the recipients with ingredients that can be obtained in your country.

You can ask Questions at any time.


Limited time offer!

Price 100,000yen.

For a short time, the web course is being offered for

just 49,800yen.

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Take advantage of this 49,800yen offer before the price goes up!

Students will be informed via email when new videos are added.

Students may request additional videos. If there is enough interest on a topic, new lectures will be added.

advantages of learning at ramenSchool.com

We teach and train in an actual ramen restaurant.

We teach in English.

Mutiple Ways of making noodles.

Complete follow-up until shop opening

Use us as a resource even after the program

5 Purposefully-designed courses to choose from

let's see RamenSchool.com!

We want to train enthusiastic ramen learners.

We will teach you the skills Needed to open a ramen restaurant.

We do not require you to purchase any equipment or furniture necessary for opening A restaurant.

We do not sell noodle machines or other equipment, however, if you wish, we are able to provide purchase information.

We strongly support your dream and your enthusiasm, and will be very proud of Training new ramen Chefs.

What you need to open a ramen restaurant

Opening a Ramen restaurant is not possible by simply learning how to make a bowl of ramen. Service, operations, pricing, and preparation methods are also neccesary.

There are know-hows that only an actual ramen restaurant can provide.RamenSchool.com provides this information. At Yokohama's Ramen School, you can experience What it's like to work at an actual ramen restaurant.


Voice of graduates voice more

what can be learned At ramenSchool.com

Foundations in cooking ramen

▪ How to make various soups
▪ Multiple ways of cutting green onions
▪ How to cook seasoned soft-boiled eggs
▪ How to Cook and Slice roast pork (Chashu)
▪ How to cook dipping noodles (Tsukemen)
▪ Various toppings

Foundations of restaurant business

▪ Restaurant business
▪ Sales Management
▪ Cost Management
▪ Recruiting
▪ Manpower Cost Management
▪ Account Processing
▪ Sales Promotion (Advertising, PR)

Practice in cooking ramen

▪ Practice at a real restaurant
▪ Practice customer service
▪ Practice in a kitchen
▪ Practical training of the whole process including preliminary work, operations, and how to end the day



ramen Image

Practical course A -period: 10 days

You'll be at a real Ramen shop and Learn how to cook various soups, roast pork slices, seasoned soft-boiled eggs, etc.


ramen kitchen Image

Practical course B - period: 5 days

You'll Be At A Real Ramen Shop And Learn How To Cook Various Soups, Roast Pork Slices, Seasoned Soft-Boiled Eggs, Etc. This course is fast-paced and Does not dive as deep into every topic when compared to the 10-day course due to the condensed timeframe.


make a ramen traning Image

Pro training course - 1 month

This is a Crash Course Of the 2-month pro training course. The Curriculum Goes Faster, And You Can Complete It Earlier If You Pass the Skills Test.


Making Noodles Image

Pro training course - 2 months

This course is meant to Make you a Real Ramen Master. You'll Acquire All The Necessary Skills Needed To Open And Manage A Ramen Shop. You'll learn the day-to-day and Actual Practices At A Real Restaurant In Yokohama.


If You Wish To Study In Japan After Studying The Web-Course, The Web-Course Fee Will Be Discounted.

Contents of courses

Professional 1m, 2m

Time Schedule
Pro Training Course 3-5 Hours per Day, for 2 Months
Short-term Pro Training Course 3-5 Hours per Day, for 1 Months

Choose these courses if you Are looking to Open your own shop. Opening a Ramen shop is a worthwhile challenge, but its success can't be made only with tastes or spirits. We'll tell you what the keys are. As a proof of the skills you obtained, a Diploma will be given upon graduation. For graduates, Franchising and Business Support Systems are available.

What can be learned in these courses

You'll master the unique Ramen skills that are not available anywhere else including how to cook various kinds of Ramen and dipping noodles and toppings such as seasoned soft-boiled eggs and roast pork slices. You'll also learn about business management, which ensure that you will serve Ramen consistently and of the highest quality. The Professional curriculum is available In the Short-term Pro Training course.

Program Flow

Skills training skills test
Practical training
Completion of a course
Searching or introducing property
Location analysis and feasibility studies (budget planning, business planning, financing)
Preliminary work for opening (interior design, pricing)
Open (RamenSchool.com will be available to answer any questions)


Practical course A, B

Time Schedule
A Course Period: 10 Days
B Course Period: 5 Days

Choose this course if you already have some knowledge or want to brush up on your skills. Even in such short period, You'll learn valuable skills and techniques for making ramen.

What can be learned in these courses

You'll learn necessary Skills for a Ramen shop, which is valuable for those who are already running a Ramen shop or another type of restaurant. You'll learn how to Cook soups and prepare toppings such as seasoned soft-boiled eggs, roast pork slices, etc.

Program Flow

Business management for ramen shops
A day At a ramen shop
Lectures for skills
Practice cooking soups (pork bone, paitan, chicken stock, etc.)
Finishing a bowl of ramen



Program table

Course Pro Training Course Short-term Pro Training Course Practical
Course A
Course B
Period 2mo 1mo 10days 5days
Soup making
All Types

All Types

All Types

Some Types
Real Restaurant Training
Diploma Diploma to be presented Diploma to be presented Completion Cert. to be presented Completion Cert. to be presented
Tuition 1,080,000YEN 550,000YEN 285,000YEN 245,000YEN

FAQ See other questions

Do you Make noodles?

At the school, you will experience everything from Making noodles by hand to using large machines. The Web course also teaches you how to make handmade noodles.

Is the enrollment date fixed?

You can complete the web course at any time. Admission to the School is done on a case-by-case basis and we will try our best to work with your schedule. We like to keep the class size small so please inquire.

Should I still attend the school if I've done the web course?

We recommend attending the ramen school in person so you can physically experience the taste, sensations, movements at a real ramen restaurant. If time and/or money is limited, we recommend the web course. After the web course, you can attend the school in Japan at a discounted rate.

I cannot speak Japanese, Is that okay?

Yes! Our staff speaks English so you can save on the cost of hiring an interpretor. The Web course is also taught in English.


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A Tonkotsu Ramen Restaurant located just 5 minutes on foot from Yokohama Station. Necessary operations such as serving, cooking, and food presentation can be acquired through the training course at Tsuruichiya.

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