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For success in the highly competitive Ramen industry, it is required that your Ramen is always at its best. RamenSchool.com delivers all the skills and techniques in practical lessons held at a real restaurant in Yokohama. You Will make Ramen Everyday, ensuring That you'll become fully confident in cooking the best Ramen before you open your own shop. The Ramen School.com teaches various style ramen based on tonkotsu ramen, meeting the taste of your country. We only use simple cooking equipments which are easily purchased in any country. We do not tie up business with machinery or equipment companies so that you will be able to start business with minimum investment.

Program table

Course Pro Training Course Short-term Pro Training Course Practical
Course A
Course B
Period 2mo 1mo 10days 5days
Soup making
All Types

All Types

All Types

Some Types
Real Restaurant Training
Diploma Diploma to be presented Diploma to be presented Completion Cert. to be presented Completion Cert. to be presented
Tuition 1,080,000YEN 550,000YEN 285,000YEN 245,000YEN

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Contents of courses

The thing which can be learned by our school.5days cource is only the topic selected carefully is practiced.



We begin from preparing all the recipes. A Ramen is made after preparation


Soup is a main recipe as well as the noodles. Based on Tonkotsu Soup, a clear soup is made by using beef and chicken bone, fish head and vegetables.

Noodle making

The taste of the noodle is very important. We will teach how to make noodles by hand, hand machines and big machines in order for you to completely understand the making of noodles.


What brings out the flavor of Ramen is the sauce. You will be able to serve a consistant flavor through our method in controlling the salt and the good taste.


The oil has a very important role. Tempreature control leads to satisfication and will be a tone in the taste.


Chyashu, boiled egg, etc. are very important toppings to cover the total taste of the Ramen.


Even if the ingredients are ready, Ramen can't be made if you do not know how to make it. How to make various types of Ramen will be taught. Your skill will be better than any other operators.

Side dish

Serving only Ramen will not raise the average sale per customer. Let's increase the sales by serving attractive side dishs.
Business lecture

Business lecture

Even though the Ramen is perfect, business will not be successful if you do not know how to operate a Ramen restuarant business. We will teach you how to open a Ramen restuarant, price setting, making of menu book, and how to operate a Ramen restuarant. We can do this because we are experienced in operating an actual successful Ramen restuarant.

If You Wish To Study In Japan After Studying The Web-Course, The Web-Course Fee Will Be Discounted.

Content of 5 days course

The contents will change with out notice.


First day

We begin from preparing all the recipes. A Ramen is made after preparation

  • 1. 9:00 Appointment time
  • We will meet at the Ramen restuarant. Register and receive T-shirt, apron and rubber boots. Then we will go to the training restuarant.

  • 2. Explanation regarding Ramen
  • We will explain what Ramen is and how it is made. Next, we will confirm the ingredients and make the ones that are lacking, such as cutting long onions and boiling eggs.

  • 3. Preparation of Tonkotsu soup
  • We will start preparaing the Tonkotsu soup, which will take time.

  • 4. Staff Meal
  • We will have early lunch together. Feel relieved by the wonderful taste of Ramen.

  • 5. Sauce making
  • Making the sauce which will be the main source for the taste of Ramen. We will make sauces based on sho-yu, salt, spice, etc..

  • 6. Sales
  • It is lunch time so customers will be here.Watching the businesslike attitude of our staff will be a good experience.

  • 7. Noodle making
  • First, we will show you how to make noodles by small machine.

  • 8. Clean up
  • We will clean kitchen and others parts.

2nd day

The 2nd day

We start by preparing the recipe. Let's make ramen after preparation.

  • 1. am9:30 Begin
  • As a routine, we will check the ingredients and add what is lacking. Complete the sauce which we prepared the day before. Then, we will finish up the Tonkotsu soup which is boiling since the day before. We will measure the thickness of the soup.

    (Purchasing the meter for measuring thickness and salt is recommended. 2 meters equipments will cost 25,000yen)

  • 2. Staff Meal
  • Let's practice with the Drain well of noodle. and make the staff meal and eat it them. It's quite difficult to make it on time, but please work hard.

  • 3. Making Chyashu
  • Tie up the pork with a strong string called the tako-ito and make a chyashu roll. Let's boil it tomorrow.

  • 4. Sales
  • Today, you will be responsible for the toppings of the ramen served to the customers. It is going to be a ramen for sales, but don't be tensed.

  • 5. Noodle making
  • We will make the noodles with the small machine. Do you now understand the ratio of water, brine water and salt?

  • 6. Clean up

  • Now let's clean up.

third day

Third day

You will be able to step by step. Let's make ramen today too.

  • 1. Begin
  • Confirm the stock and make the lacking ingredients. We are going to study a different kind of Tonkotsu today. The price of tonkotsu varies by the country, so we will teach you several types of tonkotsu. Let's boil the chyashu which we tied yesterday.

  • 2. Staff Meal
  • You can now make a meal for the staff. You got the ramen temperature control and topping method.

  • 3. Gyoza (dumplings)
  • We are going to make hand made Gyoza. We are going to make from the fillings so it is very delicious. We are going to make more than 100 gyozas so you will be pretty good at the end. We are going to prepare for Ramen Burgers too.

  • 4. Sales
  • You are once again responsible for the toppings. You must be pretty good by now.

  • 5. Noodle making
  • We will make the noodles with the small machine. Let's also try hand crafted noodles too. If we have time, we will also use the hand machine. By now, you will understand the use of the noodle machines. Just in case the brine water cannot be obtained, we will experience using other ingredients to make the noodles.

  • 6. Clean up

  • Now let's clean up.

4th day

4th day

You will be able to do it one step at a time. Let's go to the pro shop and the ramen museum today.

  • 1. Begin
  • As usual, we will start from confirming the stock. Today, let's make the transparent clear soup. Let's make the chicken fat too. Let's also make the back fat.

  • 2. Staff meal
  • By now, you must know how to do it all by yourself.

  • 3. Side dish making
  • We are going to make smoked chyashu. We are also going to make the side menus such as green tea late and green tea ice cream. They are simple to make but very delicious. If there is time, let's also try Fire Ramen.

  • 4. Sales
  • Until now, you were responsible with the toppings, but from today, you will try the drain well of noodles.

  • 5. Noodel making
  • Today we are going to make noodles with the big machine. Basically it's the same with the other machines.

  • 6. Clean up
  • We will clean kitchen and others parts.

  • 7. Professional Shops
  • We will visit the shop which sells kitchen equipments only to members. We are going to buy equipments only sold in Japan. They also sell banners and Japanese lanterns.

  • 8. Ramen Museum
  • We will go to Ramen Museum, which we refer to as Ra-haku. We are going to have several ramens. Eating is part of the job.

last day

Last day

It is finally the day. Did you master ramen making? Let's make ramen today too.

  • 1. Begin
  • Every day routine.

  • 2. Staff Meal
  • You are now able to make the staff meal smoothly.

  • 3. Preparation of Tonkotsu soup
  • Finally we are going to make Tsuke-men and Hakata Ramen.

  • 4. Sales
  • Can you drain well of noodles?

  • 5. Noodle making
  • We are going to use machine to make the noodles. If there is time, let's also make Udon.

  • 6. Clean up
  • We will clean kitchen and others parts.

  • 7. Business lecture
  • Menu, Recipe, cost calculation, decoration, layout, etc.

  • 8. Graduation Certificate
  • You have done a very good job. Receive the certificate and take a picture.

  • Longer practical course
  • For the 10 days, 1 month, 2 months course, it is possible to practice iterative practice and ramen, side dishes etc you would like.


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